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Bike TLC

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It's that time of year again! Many of us have already taken our bikes out of storage, pumped up the tires, and gone out for a few rides. Hopefully your bike seems to be running alright, but perhaps the shifting isn't quite right, or your brakes rub a bit. If this is the case, or you just want to be sure that your bike is in top shape, then stop by MountainOps for a tune up.

   Photo: Grant Wieler

If you have just had your bike for a year, you probably just need a basic tune. We call our basic tune the Wreck Path Special, and it is fairly comprehensive. First we polish the frame, and inspect it for damage. Then we clean and lubricate the chain. The wheels come off the bike to check the hub adjustment, true the rim laterally, and pump up the tires. The headset, braking and shifting are all checked and adjusted as necessary. A quick safety check is done before a the test ride. I usually recommend adding new cable & housing as well, as it just costs a little extra since new bikes typically only have one. If you are running tubeless tires, you may also want to replace the sealant before it dries up.

The Expert Tune Up is usually best for bikes that you have had for over a year or push to the extreme on a regular basis. This tune includes everything in the Wreck Path Special plus we clean the crank, cassette, and chain in a parts cleaner, bringing them back to like-new condition. You may want to replace your chain if it has stretched though. If you wait too long to replace your chain, it will also wear your cassette and chainrings. Then, if you need to replace one of them, you will have to replace them all. Other components that are checked, and may need replacing, include brake pads and rotors. Don't forget to service your fork, shock, and dropper post after every 50 hours of use.

If you have had your bike for a few years, and especially if you want it to run for several more, you should consider an overhaul. This is a complete teardown, including all of the major components, to be cleaned, regreased, reinstalled, and adjusted. This is a great time to replace bearings, cables, and housing, as well as any parts that are worn or broken. After an overhaul your bike will look and ride as close to new as it can.

If you're still not quite sure what type of tune would be best for you and your bike, call us (802.253.4531) and talk to one of our bike mechanics.  We're proud to offer our customers over 20 years of bicycle service between our two mechanics, so please take advantage of it!  


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