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Summer Ski Storage Tips

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Have you ever pulled your skis out of storage in the fall only to find them so rusted that you have to pause and think back to when you last had a tetanus shot? Each fall customers bring in skis that are forever blemished because of improper summer storage. This type of heavy rust can cause pitting of the metal and will remain even after a machine tune-up. Here are a few tips to ensure that you’ll be happy and ready to ski when those first flakes start to fall. Some of these are more obvious than others but all can lead to damaged skis.

Don’t leave the wet skis in the bag after your last ski trip! That damp atmosphere will leave a scary layer of rust when you dig them out in November. Also, don’t leave your skis together when they are wet (any time of year). Moisture sticks around where the skis contact each other and rust can start up quickly.

You also want to store your skis in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Basements can be ok as long as they aren’t humid. The same goes for sheds, garages, etc… Storing skis directly on a cement floor also isn’t a great idea. Cement can ‘sweat’ or have a condensation buildup which quickly makes it way up to the ski edges. Using a rug or mat will do the trick and keep this from happening. Leaving skis in front of a window where sunlight beats on them all summer can lead to problems as well. The skis can dry out too much and plastic parts on the bindings can become brittle and weak!

Taking preventive measures, in addition to proper storage, will ensure your skis are just as you left them in the spring. Take your skis to your local ski shop for a final tune-up. Be sure to request a summer tune which should include a heavy wax, without scraping. This will keep the base from drying out and adds a layer of protection. Taking a block of wax and running it up and down the edges will add a thin layer of protection to the edges as well. When the snow starts to fly, just scrape and buff and you’re ready to start the season.

You can always contact us with questions about your skis, including summer storage.