Ortovox Fleece Plus Classic Knit HDY W

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Not all wool hoodies are created equal. The Ortovox Fleece Plus Classic Knit Hoody includes some high-quality Merino on the inside, sure, but that’s only half the story. Ortovox complements the cozy interior with Swisswool knitted inserts on the chest and the hood for superior warmth -- and peace of mind.

Swisswool comes from hand-shorn, mountain-grazing sheep that have seen more of the Alps than most humans ever will. The supply chain underlying Swisswool is all about sustainability -- for the shepherds as well as their herds. Ortovox’s supplier has set up two dozen collection stations in valleys throughout the alps, allowing remote sheep-herding families to deliver this premium product to market in a simple, convenient, efficient fashion, and enjoy the just rewards of their hard year-round work. You’ll feel great inside the Ortovox Fleece Plus Classic Knit Hoody, and not just because it’s so cozy and functional.


  • Merino wool lining
  • Knitted Swisswool front and hood
  • Recycled polyester sleeves
  • Weight: 672g (1lb 8oz)
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