Ortovox Piz Boval Jacket

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Looking for a windproof, ultra-warm, and highly functional midweight outer layer? Hey, why not grab two? The fully reversible Ortovox Swisswool Piz Boval jacket is the perfect exterior layer for dry, sunny days when the wind cuts cold. And hey, if your buddy shows up in the same coat, just flip it inside out to get your fashion credentials back in an instant.

Even if a squall blows through, Ortovox’s Swisswool is designed to keep you warm while shedding moisture. Their Swisswool comes from hand-shorn, mountain-grazing sheep that have seen more of the Alps than most humans ever will. The supply chain underlying Swisswool is all about sustainability -- for the shepherds as well as their herds. Ortovox’s supplier has set up two dozen collection stations in valleys throughout the alps, allowing remote sheep-herding families to deliver this premium product to market in a simple, convenient, efficient fashion, and enjoy the just rewards of their hard year-round work. You’ll feel great inside the Ortovox Piz Boval jacket, and not just because it’s so cozy and functional.


  • Windproof, scuff-resistant, highly packable Pertex Quantum outer layer
  • Premium Swisswool lining releases moisture and stays warm when wet
  • Water-resistant treatment
  • Backpack-compatible breast pocket and large front pockets
  • Elasticated seams and cufs for maximum adjustability
  • Weight: 408g (14oz)
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