RMU Apostle 96

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Rocky Mountain Underground took a classic and made it even better for 2022. The updated Apostle 3.0 96 is as playful and snappy as RMU loyalists expect from this line, but designed to rip corduroy even harder, float even smoother on powder, and keep the stoke high even on those messy “variable” days.

The engineering team in Breckenridge have added damper technology to the tips, delivering a more stable, forgiving, and powerful feel on edge. RMU also tweaked the profile, putting a subtle low-rise rocker profile at the tip and tail for a longer effective edge. Fear not, speedsters -- A new, sturdier lay-up process and blended directional shape maintains the all-mountain versatility the Apostle 96 line has been known for since it debuted 12 years back.

You’ll sleep well at night, too, and not only because the Apostle 3.0 96 will keep you lapping and laughing til the light goes flat. That lively pop you feel comes from sustainably sourced poplar and beech, and every pair of RMU skis is hand-built in a hydroelectric-powered factory to minimize their environmental impact. Apostle 3.0 96 owners truly leave nothing but tracks.


  • Sidecut: 134/96/120mm @ 184cm
  • Turn Radius: 18.5m @ 184cm
  • Profile: Low-Rise All-Terrain Tip and Tail Rocker, Camber Underfoot
  • Weight: 1780g per ski @ 184cm
  • Core: Poplar Core / Beech Mounting Plate
  • Sidewalls: Extra-Thick 8.5mm ABS
  • 26oz Pre-Preg Triax Fiberglass Construction
  • Full-Wrap Rubber VDS
  • Extra-Thick 2.3mm Steel Edges
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