Why We Need Footbeds

Why We Need Footbeds

By: Dave Hatoff Comments: 0

Have you ever really looked at the “stock” foot bed that comes in each and every pair of new ski boots?  They are paper thin, flat and non- conforming and don’t really do anything for your feet except take up some volume in the boot.  Having a custom foot bed made is not a marketing or sales scam to get you to spend more money, rather it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and you’re skiing when buying a pair of ski boots.  Ski boots are by far and away the most important purchase in all of your ski equipment decisions.  Not having a proper fitting boot will automatically transfer into not being comfortable, and will also seriously cut down on the performance of your skiing.

There are a number of different options you can chose from for foot beds.  From off the shelf semi-custom foot beds, which are a vast improvement from the so called foot beds that comes stock in your boot, to a custom foot bed, which is built and custom tailored to your foot’s anatomy and needs. 

Foot beds can do a number of things to help improve your skiing.  For starters, let talk about performance.  By filling the space between your arch with a custom foot bed, as soon as you start to roll your foot and place weight through the inside of your arch that energy gets translated to the boot, to the binding and then to the ski, all simultaneously.   Giving you more control, enhanced responsiveness and more precision on your edges.  It also helps you progress faster in your quest to becoming a more proficient and consistently a better skier.

A custom foot bed also with a complete mold of the plantar surface (underneath) of the foot will give your foot a lot of support.  Because of this, it gives you even pressure distribution, prevents fatigue and keeps you more comfortable so you can stay out on the hill longer. By creating a surface underneath your foot, your arch won’t collapse and you find yourself skiing in a tighter, more performance-oriented fit.  The tighter the boots, the more control you will have, the looser, the less control you have.  Its that’s simple. So, by supporting the arch, common aches and pains can also be solved in your boot like numbness, hot spots, pressure points and general discomfort. 

Lastly, having your foot in a neutral position and reducing its ability to pronate allows your nerves and blood flow to run through your entire foot unimpeded.  This will prevent your toes from going numb, and that unrestricted blood flow will keep your feet warmer too.

We sell all kinds of different foot beds here at the shop.  Come in, take your socks off and let’s take a look at your feet so we can diagnose where you need the most support.  Ski boots are expensive, you should take the proper time to get fitted right by our expert boot fitters and invest more in your ski boot investment so you can spend more time on snow and less time being uncomfortable.  We are always looking for the proper interface- boot, to binding to ski connection is what we all strive to achieve here.  3 different components working simultaneously together to achieve one goal, working seamlessly together.  And when that is achieved, the better you feel and the better you will ski.   This will empower you to take on new challenges that you may have never wanted to try before, and push your own personal limits to improve your overall level of skiing.  Whether it be taking on that steep bump run under the chairlift that you have been avoiding all season, or skiing with more angulation, power and speed.  All of your goals can now be achieved by simply having a tighter connection between your feet, your binding and the ski so they all work in harmony together as one cohesive unit.   This way, you can make the type of turns that you need to regardless of what type of terrain or condition you encounter on any given day, whether you are at the resort or touring in the backcountry.



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