Putting Away Your Ski Gear for the Summer

Putting Away Your Ski Gear for the Summer

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With another ski season now in the books, it’s time to store all of that ski gear for the summer in fall as we move on to summer sports and other activities.  Let’s start by talking about storing your skis/bindings.

At the very least for your skis, you should inspect them and take a close look at both the top sheets and bases.  Is there any delamination happening on the top sheets, are you bases in good shape and do they have any holes, scrapes or dings in the P-tex to where you can see the base of the ski?  How worn or burred are our edges? Are they rusty? 

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, it’s time to bring your skis in for a tune.  We will be keeping our tuning machine running all summer to help with this very scenario.  The last thing you want to deal with come the first day of ski season is seeing your skis in a state of helplessness as you get ready for day #1.  Remember your skis legs will feel rusty the first day out, make sure your skis don’t mirror that same image.  You want to make sure your skis have a good edge, a flat, smooth and waxed base so they will perform at their best to help shake off your initial “rust” the first few days out on the hill. For more information on our ski tuning services click here!

Also make sure to check that your downhill or tech bindings are clean and mud free from those last spring days you spent on the hill.  Make sure your tech bindings are closed but not locked out on the toe so your spring tension on the toes is not maxed out over long periods of storage time.  You want the least tension possible on your springs for the off season so they last and will perform at their highest levels.  This also goes for your heels too.  Make sure they are set in the “Ski Mode” so that springs and brakes are also not under tension.

Next up is your boots.  As skiers, we have a love/hate relationship with our boots.  We love how they perform when fitted properly but hate them when they don’t feel so good.  As you put mileage on your boots during the season via skiing, parking lot and ridge scrambles, it very common to have your boot soles and tech toes and heels wear out and or break down.  If this is the case, it’s time to start thinking about buying a new pair of boots. No better time to buy boots then in the summer time, where you can save as much as 50% off and ski shops are slower business wise and you don’t have to wait to schedule a boot fitting appointment. Click here for more information on boot fitting.

If you have a pair of regular alpine boots, many times the soles can be replaced to get extended life out of the boot.  Inspect your boots for wear and tear and make sure your liners are also in good shape.  Once you do this, buckle your boots along with the power strap so the boots retain their natural shape and proper fit.

Now that we have your essential hardgoods covered, let’s not forget about our outerwear.  You should clean and inspect your jacket and pants just like you do your skis, bindings and boots.  Your ski clothes are technical pieces of engineering that are highly functioning pieces of equipment too that need to be in top running shape to stand up to dumping snow, sleet freezing rain and of course plain old rain. Are there any rips or tears?  Most likely they are some stains from that beer spill, tailgate hot dog with too much ketchup and mustard that found its way onto your jacket or pants.  Your waterproof and breathable clothing has microscopic holes in it that allow the jacket and pants to breath and expel vapor from your body as well as keeping you dry and warm.  When these holes get plugged up with food stains, dirt, mud and grease, they no longer work the way they should. 

Clean your ski clothes with a good tech wash like Nikwax before putting them away for the season so your clothes as well as well as your equipment are ready to roll when you are.

Hopefully, these helpful tips will help you and your equipment to be best prepared for yet another ski season.  With employing these tips as well as keeping your body in shape during the summer and fall months, you are primed for your best ski season yet as winter is only 6 months away!

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