Boot Rescue Ski Boot Fitting Services

Finding the best ski boot for your foot shape and skier type is the most critical part of skiing.  And for some, that boot simply doesn't exist right out of the box. Place your trust in the hands of our expert boot fitting team and let us guide you through this often stressful process.  We'll spend time getting to know you as a skier as well as the unique needs of your feet.  With that information we can find the boot that will work best for you.  And if it's not perfect we'll customize it to fit your feet!

Are you one of the many that already have a boot but it's painful and not working out for you?  Call 802-253-4531 to schedule an appointment with us and let's see what we can do to save your ski trip and keep you skiing!

From custom footbeds to boot heaters to shell and liner alterations, we're full of solutions to what ails you and your feet.  And whether you're coming in for new boots or an assessment of your old boots, here are some things that will help us best fit you:

  • Bring your ski socks
  • Bring your current boots
  • Bring your custom footbeds