Transalp Pro

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The Fischer Transalp Pro is one of the lightest touring ski boots on the market – and one of the most fun to use. With an unbelievable 80 degrees of cuff rotation in walk mode, a proprietary Active Fit Zones liner system, and a specialized 45mm Phatt Maxx Tour cuff closure, the Fischer Transalp Tour WS will revolutionize your backcountry days. 

New for 2022, Fischer has developed an adjustable forward lean mechanism with a 3-degree range of customization to accommodate different skill levels, different riding styles, different ski widths, and – let’s face it – the different levels of energy you have on your first run and your last run. An included velcro spoiler allows skiers to further tailor their forward lean and high-ankle fit to their individual needs. 

This level of tech and functionality might normally come with a weight tradeoff. But the new, high-tech Pebax Rnew material that makes up the Fischer Transalp Pro delivers all this function, feel, fit, and force at a featherweight 1150 grams per boot. The energy you save on the way up means more laps for the whole family.


  • Last: 94mm @ 23.5
  • Sole: Full rubber sole, 264mm length
  • Material: Pebax Rnew shell, TPU cuff
  • Active Fit Zone liner system
  • Adjustable Forward Lean mechanism (13 to 17 degrees)
  • Weight: 1149g (per boot) @ 23.5
  • Cuff Rotation: 80 degrees
  • 45mm Phatt Maxx Tour strap
  • Velcro spoiler for adjusting lean and fit
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