Plum Summit 12 Stopper

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Give me a brake!! For those who prefer a brake system to relying on leashes, the Plum Summit 12 Stopper is a strong, sturdy, highly adjustable, and easy-to-use option that will keep you riding with confidence and cruising uphill without hardly breaking a sweat.

As with all their models, Plum’s Summit 12 Stopper components are shaped from raw blocks of high-quality 7075 aluminum, hardened steel, and POM plastic, a manufacturing technique that keeps the Summit 12 Stopper light without sacrificing stability, on-piste or off. Plum’s heel risers offer three heights to accommodate even the steepest skin tracks, with a turnable mechanism that adjusts with a flick of your pole. 


  • DIN Range: 5.5-12
  • Adjustment Baseplate: 35mm
  • Weight (Pair): 1100g (2lb 2oz)
  • Automatic brake system
  • Color: Black
  • Integrated, removable crampon slot
  • Easy-turn heel piece offers three climbing riser heights (0-59-84mm)
  • Shaped aluminum 7075, Hardened steel, shaped POM plastic heel
  • Optional Crampon Slot
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